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I’ve been an OmniFocus user for many years, and my structure worked really well when I was an individual contributor. I was working with ~12 clients very closely on a regular basis and had folders, projects, and single-action lists set up for each. However, I was recently promoted to director of a customer success team, and I am now accountable for just under 100 clients with three (soon to be five) direct reports that each manage a group of accounts, in addition to a few accounts that I manage myself.

I’m struggling with how to track follow-up actions that I need to take for a specific client or things I need to check in on with one of my directs. For some, there might be an actual project underway; for others, my team is just managing the ongoing relationship and any issues that arise. I’m leaning toward tags for all clients with projects and/or single-action lists set up for those that I’m actively involved in, but 100 tags for each client seems like a lot. Anyone have a system that works well for managing something similar? I’m just concerned that if I don’t use something structured and I need to check on a status for a specific client, I’ll end up losing something.

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I have 50+ clients plus all the ongoing admin tasks of a small business, this seems to work for me…

A clients folder with sub folders for each client, each folder has a SAL with the clients name with a matching tag (a sub tag of clients) . The SALs hold the routine tasks domain renewals regular contact reminders, agenda items etc plus any support tasks as they come in.

I have a “work” perspective filtered on the client tag grouped by tag which shows me available client admin tasks

Additional work such as site redesigns get their own project within the client folder are usually not tagged as I allocate time to do that work separately.

Lastly I have a parked and an engaged SAL the parked is set on hold and contains a repeating reference task to each of the one off projects ie “work on xyz site design” each day I select three to work on and move them to engaged ( flagged so they show in my today view)

This separates admin and routine from completable projects and give the work day a flow,

Hope that helps


Thanks so much!

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