Struggling with OmniFocus 2

I’m really struggling with OmniFocus 2. The biggest drawbacks to me are the font sizes and inflexible scaling options. Scaling fonts from Preferences only works with part of the screen not the entire app. I’m working on a 15" MBP with Retina Display and the notes size are just needlessly small.

Another detail that’s important to me is no ability to sort next actions in the Contexts view by Name. It’s a minor detail that is a major drawback to me in day-to-day use.

It’s frustrating to see minor details left off an upgrade.

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I agree. They’ve really laid an egg with this “update”. The font sizing issue another good example. If I want larger size fonts, then I want them across the whole app, not just part of it.

Who did this to us?


yes i wish note size can be resized automatically, and the font changed. Right now mine is a bit greyish. I want black notes.

I’m hoping they borrow some ideas from OmniOutliner - e.g. “zoom” the document in percentage terms. It works well on both OS X and iOS.

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Another thing I miss from OF 1 is scrolling within a large context list. When you’d get to the bottom the window would “page forward” to show you another half dozen items or so. I’m sure there’s a technical term for that feature.

I can create a perspective that limits to Next Available and sorts by name. Is that not working for you?

As Omni have said, frequently, the main purpose of OF2 was a ground up rewrite of the interface that is still compatible with the OF1 database, allowing users you choose when to switch or to trial OF2 and go back to OF1. There are consequences:

  1. The first release of OF1 had to focus on core functionality and database compatibility. That means that a number of attractive features are not in it. Omni have already said that they’re working on issues such as styles for future versions of OF2
  2. The fact of database compatibility means that you get to try OF2 as a free trial and***go back to OF1*** if it doesn’t work for you.