Sub Tag Exclusivity

I find that I’d like to be able to have sub-tags be exclusive.

Say I have tag like priority, with sub-tags of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

If I have task labeled 3 and move it to 5, I always want the 5 to replace the 3. As it is, I have to delete the extra tag, which is easy to miss. I have a number of tag/sub-tag combinations where this is the case.

Does anybody else find this useful. Any Ideas for a workaround?

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I’d like this feature!

It is also used as classic GTD context like previous OF.

The single context way, in other words, that we had before multiple tags… I see your problem, but you might not need to prioritize your tasks as much with tags, as you now may reorder your tasks in perspectives by dragging (Perspective settings: Group and sort: Individual actions; Group actions by: Tag; Sort actions by: Tags order), if you have Omnifocus Pro.


I can see how that would be useful to that particular workflow. Overall, though, it sounds like exactly the kind of feature that creates a fiddly bit for a single fairly rare reason that wouldn’t be useful to the majority of users. And that isn’t nec. easy to implement (esp. across platforms). Too many of those features, and the whole app loses elegance and usability for everyone.

I’d say that since you’re in there tagging anyway, it makes more sense for the developers to expect you to take the small extra step of deleting the old tag as you replace it with a new one.

I’ve been wanting this as well. It’s made worse by the fact that the interface to add/remove tags is too cumbersome. I shouldn’t have to right click and scan down to remove a tag. In my eyes, OF3 tags are a step down in usability from OF2 contexts because the only way I can get the old “replace the old context” behavior is to Cmd-Drag my task from one tag to another, and even then I can’t Cmd-Drag another task without deselecting the first task. It’s super annoying.

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I didn’t know this and it looks a bit useful so far.
Pushing Cmd after starting drag works in your situation maybe.

Though I want “Sub Tag Exclusivity” because Cmd-Drag deletes all other tags.
I also want to use multi tagging.