Subtasks vs. Views

Have been trying OF2 for two weeks now.

To begin with, love the new design. The whole structure feels more intuitive. Just one thing I really had hoped for, which still is missing. The following:

Its regarding subtasks. One of the reason to create subtasks for me is to have them folded inside another parent task. To create another layer to what I need to focus on at a specific moment or time in the project. That means I would prefer to see them inside the main task and them not spread all over OF when viewing them differently.

A good example is the iPhone app, where you need to click yourself into a task, to see what else is inside it. But even there, you haven’t gone all the way. Cause when it comes to the forecast, all the subtasks are visible too. And its not obvious what the parent task they are related to. That makes the forecast just cluttery and somewhat confusing (if you have many tasks). Wouldn’t it have been much better to instead letting us be able to click ourselves into that specific parent task, and just once inside there to see and focus on the smaller tasks?

Am I the only one having this on my mind?


I agree. I usually have a lot of sub tasks too.

I would like to hide them in the “Forecast” view. It floods the view making it harder to have a global overview.