Suggestion: Making forecast items listed by contexts or projects

Hello guys

I am using Omnifocus 2 for iOS. I love the forecast feature and have been using it for quite long time.

However all items in forecast are now listed by its default sequence (just by due time).
I wander if it’s possible for you guys to add some option that can make the items in forecast listed by contexts or projects? In that case, it will be much much more convenient for user to check the items when there is a lot of items to be done in certain day.

Thank you.

Hey @flynno7! Thanks for the suggestion. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying Forecast :)

The best way to make sure we track your request is to send an email to our support team. We’re always curious to hear how different folks use OmniFocus, and how we can make it an even better experience for everyone. Thanks!

Hi, Tekl

Thank you for your promote responding. I have sent an email to to describe this suggestion.

Hope to hear you soon.