Suggestion: OF to prompt you for new tasks when completing existing ones

I would like a way to have OmniFocus prompt me to enter another task when I complete an existing one. There are two situations I want this:

  1. If I complete the last task in a project, I should get a choice “Mark this project as completed”, “Add another task to this project”, or “Ignore”. If I choose to add another task, it opens the Quick Entry panel with the project already filled in.

  2. I’d like to be able to choose per context whether it should always prompt for a new task. For instance, in my “Emailing people” context, whenever I tick off a task, I invariably want to make a new task in the “Waiting On” context, to await the reply to my email. It’d be great if OmniFocus would prompt me for that automatically, including pre-filling the “Waiting On” context and the project in question.


(Please don’t respond with instructions to email support: I’ve already done that. This is a discussion about the feature idea, not about how best to contact OmniGroup!)

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If you are using the Mac version of OmniFocus, I would guess that you could do this with AppleScript and then setup a toolbar button for it. In this case, instead of checking the box, you would click the button for the script to close it and, if appropriate, prompt/create/etc.

I am not an AppleScript expert but I know there are others on this forum that might be able to help. You could also check out the examples at

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help you on the iOS version.

@timstringer at Learn OmniFocus has an excellent walk through of the type of script @EGottlieb mentions. IIRC the script was pioneered by @dbyler and made available to the community some years ago. I use it all the time in the way the OP suggests.

I agree with OP’s mention that the requested functionality should be context-specific: having OF bug me after every task checkbox with a new task prompt would get annoying. I find that the script linked above strikes the correct balance of availability without officiousness.

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Going off on a slightly different path. This method is not automatic but it can be part of the weekly review process.

Using OmniFocus 2 with Pro upgrade, create a perspective called “Stalled” with the following perspective settings:

Use project hierarchy
Group projects by Folder
Sort projects by Unsorted
Filter by status Any Status
Filter by availability Remaining
Filter by duration Any Duration
Filter projects Stalled

This perspective will show any projects that have no next actions. This can help you determine whether to set the project status to Complete or to add next actions.

Because this is already a part of my weekly review, I can easily see if there are any open loops waiting for me to close (Project status is complete) or re-open (add new tasks to the project).

If I know that the project will be completed upon last action, I just have the “Complete when completing last action” checkbox activated. If I need something in the future, I’ll probably create a new project anyways.

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