Suggestions for incorporating OO into workflow during trial period?

I want to determine if OO is potentially a good tool for offloading project management from OmniFocus (still keeping OF for task management). What would the best practice be to link an OmniFocus project back to an OmniOutliner document?

Is there a way to search for a phrase within all OmniOutliner documents? Spotlight didn’t seem to work, but perhaps my test OO docs haven’t been indexed yet.

Many more questions, but understanding these concepts from the way the developers would see it working best would be a good start.

Spotlight should find words or phrases in all your OO documents.

Spotlight also works for me. Ask support in-app if you aren’t experiencing that functionality.

I use OO all the time for project brainstorms, lists of non-actionable items, and outlines for agendas. I would suggest using OmniPresence to synchronize OO documents, and create a folder in OmniPresence for each project in OF. Then, open the note for the project title in OF. Finally, drag the project’s OmniPresence folder to the OF project title’s note. You should be able to double click it and open a Finder window to see your relevant OO documents.