Support for cloud services in Omnigraffle 3

In the latest OmniGraffle 3 beta there still seems no easy way to open files from cloud services.
Why not add support for Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud and OneDrive? Quite a few apps use the ‘other locations’ option in iOS.
It’s great that you have OmniPresence but I like my files centralised.

Looking forward to this feature.

Thanks for considering, Jan

Hi Jan,

If you go out to the document browser (where you see your local documents listed), tap the gear icon, then tap Settings, you will see a Beta option to Use Cloud Storage Providers. Toggle that on, and give it a try!


Hi @lanettetest, thanks for pointing me towards that. It’s great that you’re providing support for this.

One question about it’s workings:
Will the file remain on the cloud storage and be updated there whatever changes you make in OG?
Or is it imported and become a local file?

Thanks, Jan

Hi Jan,

Unless you intentionally move your assets to your local documents folder, they should remain in cloud storage and be updated when you save. As Cloud Storage is a Beta feature, it is a good idea to keep a backup.



I don’t see the beta option to Use Cloud Storage Providers in OmniGraffle3 for iOS. Please advise.

If you go into Files and set up your cloud provider, you click on any OmniGraffle format from the Files app, and it will open in OmniGraffle 3. There is no longer anything in beta nor anything you need to turn on.

You can also use iOS 11 multitasking mode to drag/drop to an from files. See for some details on drag and drop.

Does that work for a Visio file, too?

No. For a visio file, tap the share sheet and choose “Copy to OmniGraffle”. That will convert it and put the file in OmniGraffle format and open it for you (Pro Only).