SVG export image types


I have a customer who has OmniGraffle Pro on mac. They are exporting files as SVG but all the linked images are saved in TIFF format. We’d like them to be saved as PNG format.

Is there a setting to control the SVG linked image format to make sure they’re exported as PNGs.


I would think they would have to be imported as PNGs instead of TIFFs. I don’t see any setting in the Export menu to convert imported images into a different format…unless the entire graphic is converted. Many experts here so hope you find a better answer.

Actually, no problems. The issue was caused by copy/pasting the images in. The user was expecting the pasted image to keep the original file format, but the pasting process converts to TIFF.

However, it would be a nice-to-have if there was some control over the output image format as then users who put in TIFFs could still get web-viewable SVGs if the images were transformed to PNGs.

Also, while I’m thinking of SVGs, having images encoded as data URIs in SVG export would also be a very handy option. This would mean the SVG would be a single file containing all the linked images - no need to save a folder full of files.

but the pasting process converts to TIFF.

I did not realize that. Probably why the file size grows so fast when images are dropped on it. I use PDF (which are considered vector files) snippets in my drawings and now I know why they loose their clarity when resized.