SVG Import and scaling...again

So OG assumes the imported SVG is in points but the units in the SVG are metric (and my drawing is in feet, of course!).

So if I import the SVG, what scaling do I have to apply (percentage increase in size) for converting and having image appear correctly sized? From point to meter I see it is 2835 points in a meter, then it is 3.28 feet per meter and my scale is 20 feet per inch. So would it be:

2835 / 3.28 / 20? When I was testing this out (did not finish) it seemed something around 250-275% enlargement of the SVG was pretty close but I would really like to figure out the exact conversion factor.

Just tested out some values (by just comparing to a properly scaled image) and it seems to be 283.5% magnification is nearly perfect. Now how do I get there? Is it as simple as 2835 pixels -> 283.5% mag?