Swipe to flag - feature request

Like many others, I use a “planning” perspective to review available tasks. I then flag some of them to work on today even if they aren’t due today. I then see what I need to accomplish by looking at a “Today” perspective.

The planning stage would be much easier if I could swipe to flag an action. (Right now you have to open the action to flag it.) This could work much like Apple’s mail does - where swiping, depending on direction and length of swipe, provides different options for what to do with a message.

Consider this a feature request for both OF for iPad and OF for iPhone.



Great idea. If you haven’t already, consider sending this to the Omni Group at omnifocus@omnigroup.com so that they can log/track the request.

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I second this, as I was just going to write a similar feature request. Flagging is probably the second or third most common operation I do the app (after checking items off) when figuring out what items I need to accomplish.

I agree, especially on the iPhone…it’d be nice to have a swipe to flag.

good idea - I miss many touch/swipe/drag&drop features in OmniFocus. I already sent my wishlist via email.

Yes, we’re tracking requests on this.
When you email us (the best way to let us know you want a feature), let us know exactly which function(s) you want in the swipe menu.

The delete task command is already available.
Adding a flag/unflag command is really necessary, anything else is gravy.

Perhaps a “defer until later” command, with “later” being defined in the preferences would be useful? I’d use it, but not nearly as much as a swipe-to-flag.

If you’re going to have more than a swipe-right to flag/unflag command, there should be configuration options like there are in mail to turn off unused commands, keeping the interface simple.

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Beautiful idea, I second this completely.

Agreed, good idea, will send a request. Defer also a nice idea!

Didn’t see this topic before. I posted a similar idea for the iPhone back in January with some screen mockups showing the idea. Link is here: Feature idea: swipe action to reveal defer, flag buttons

It would be great to have both swipe-left and swipe-right functionality, taking full advantage of the interface. But I agree with @cpac that having it configurable would be incredible.

I really like to see in the swipe menu, flag and defer or due and then popup or slide an window for +1 week + 1 month etc…