Switching tags within custom perspective on iOS

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I am starting to use OF3 (Pro) for iOS. I have a question about the way that custom perspectives work in iOS compared to MacOS.

In MacOS, I have a custom perspective that does not use the the project heirarchy, so in the sidebar there is a list of all my tags. Thus, when I am using my mac, I can sit in that perspective and select the tags that are appropriate to the context I am in.

As a simplified example, I could Select the “Home” tag to see actions that I need to do at home and the “Work” tag to see the actions that I need to do at work, but I did not need to change the settings of the perspective itself.

I have been looking at the documentation for the OF3 in iOS at:

From what I can tell, there is no equivalent for the list of tags in the sidebar, so when I look at this perspective in iOS, I see all of the actions that fit that perspective, with no way to limit the tagged actions that appear. So if I am using iOS at home, I see a bunch of actions tagged “Work” that are irrelavant to my context, but I cannot make them go away.

It seems like the solution for this is to “clone” my perspective into duplicates, and then each duplicate will filter the tags that I want to see in each context. Again in my example I would have a perspective-Home that would include the “Home” tag in its filter, and a perspective-Work that would include the “Work” tag in its filter, and so when I am using iOS, instead of staying in the same perspective and switching tags in the sidebar, I would instead actually switch perspectives.

Is this the way to do it? This is an acceptable solution for me, but I just wanted to make sure that there is not an easier/better way before I go cloning my perspective and customizing them for the different contexts where I would be using iOS.

Thanks a bunch for any help. Apologies if this is unclear.

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Basically yes, that’s the way to do it. I have custom perspectives for home, business admin, client support tasks, communications etc.

That way the lists do not become over long and you can get “in the context” and group similar work together. I tend to sort perspectives by tag (combined) and project order. The exception tends to be dev work where I have a specific focussed perspective which I only use on a Mac and is set up to filter on a key set of tags on a specific project.

OK, thanks a bunch for getting back to me with your advice. I guess I will start cloning some perspectives soon.

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