Sync is not frequent enough, or not intelligent enough, perhaps!

I’m not sure of the sync rules but I do not think OF is set to sync often enough, to me it should sync every change, well almost. It should sync every time I pause using OF on any on my devices, this way if I get up from my desk and take a mobile device with me it has more chance of being in sync.

I’ve switched to OF from RTM and I never had a problem with my devices being out of sync as it seemed to have a more realistic when to sync algorithm.

Incidently, I use OF on an iPhone, iPad and iMac but in the office I only use the two mobile devices as my iMac stays at home. I often rapidly switch between my iPhone and iPad and fine they are not in sync.

Is there anything that can be done to improve this or do I need to log a development request?

I believe syncing that much for a desktop application is unrealistic. On the web that type of syncing doesn’t add much load and can happen pretty quick but with desktop / mobile it has to deal with a lot of requests, much slower connection speeds, etc. and for these reasons I don’t think it’s really possible for Omnifocus to sync as you’ve described.

Consider the number of changes that can happen extremely quickly multiplied by the number of users of Omnifocus. I think they would need to dramatically change how Omnifocus is written and functions.

Hi, I understand it is a scalability issue, I was just wondering whether there it is considered an issue amongst the user community and therefore likely to be improved at all?

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Personally I don’t think it’s an issue since it’s easy enough to manually sync either with the button or the ⌘S shortcut.

I suggest checking the hidden settings for sync. You can find them in this blog post, under the section “Sync settings”. I guess this might improve the experience for you.

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The instructions seem to say that it syncs to the omnisync server one minute after each change.

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Thank you, you are right, it does indeed.

I wonder why I seem to be having problems then, I shall have to do some testing.

I now suspect it is perhaps not the device sending the sync but the device I switch too not receiving it quickly enough.