Sync is not working

I really don’t have the energy to troubleshoot this, but even though everything is on the latest version of OmniFocus, my Mac computers (one 2011 iMac running Sierra, the other a 2015 rMBP running 10.11.6) are not syncing properly with my iPhone SE. Changes in one don’t show up in the other (goes both ways). I’ve double-checked, manually synced, tried force quitting, etc. etc.

In the meantime, I’m just going to use one app (the iPhone) to stay current and not lose changes, but sync is not working for me.

Support usually takes a long time to reply, but I’ll email them, too, in hopes this can be fixed. Thanks–

What sync method are you currently using?

The Omni Sync Server.

Stupid question perhaps but worth double checking: are you logged in to the same account on every device?

Yep. I only have one account. But I’ll try logging out and back in.

Nope. That didn’t do it. :)

Try rebuilding your OF database. File > Rebuild database … That has cleared up some problems for me in the past.

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Thanks! That fixed everything except for one item, but I just deleted on both devices (iPhone and rMBP) and re-entered. Now it’s all syncing correctly, at least for now. Thanks for the help! I’ll have to leave it to the OG to figure out why their sync isn’t working as reliably as it should…

My pleasure. Glad its working for you.

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FWIW, I just had to rebuild my database on my rMPB again, due to the same issue, triggered by no unusual behavior on my part. Curious if others have to rebuild their database every couple weeks? Is there something bigger I can be making sure to do/not do? Or does this seem like an issue from Omni’s end?