Sync issues OF3: Keeps asking for Sync Passphrase

I just downloaded the OF 3.0.1 (Mac) trial and installed it. It keeps asking for the Encryption Passphrase with the message:

"Encryption passphrase for your OmniFocus database on"

but when I put it in, it just pops up the dialog again, but doesn’t say if the passphrase is wrong. OF 2 is synced on this Mac as well, as are my iPhone and iPad, with no issues there.

I’ve checked on the iPhone/iPad (Both latest OF) to show me the sync details, and they both show the password I’ve entered on the Mac.

Any ideas?

For starters, lets just clarify: Do you have a seperate encryption passphrase set?

As a last resort, there is a troubleshooting guide in case you lost your encryption passphrase.

If you think it is a software bug rather than a user error, I suggest sending an e-mail to support.

I have a password and a passphrase, but of which I keep in 1Password, so I’m copying and pasting them… and I just looked at what I was copying, and it was the text of the entire note, i.e. “Passphrase: 123456”[1], just copying the phrase itself is working.

sigh It’s almost always something silly,. isn’t it?

Thanks for your help.

[1] Not my real passphrase.

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Maybe move the passphrase to a dedicated password field instead, so you can make use of the “copy” button that appears next to it when you hover over the hidden passphrase in that field.

Keep in mind that you can add multiple new fields, including password fields, to every 1Password item, so it’s probably a good idea to store it in a proper field instead of just in the notes.

Glad you have it solved now, have fun with OF3!

Thanks! That’s a good idea about the named fields in 1Password