Sync issues on OF2

I recently purchased the OmniFocus 2 and I have synced it to my iPhone but every so often I am asked to type in my user name and password ti sync. Can you get this to top? if so, How?

@pambo Are you using the Omnigroup Sync Server? If so, you might want to look at the support site. Have you checked it?
Hope these tips will get it sorted out;)

Can’t sync at all. Can’t reset OmniFocus’ Sync Dagtabase - followed instructions carefully (including adding / at end of server address line. Been at “Connecting to Server” message for over 30 minutes now after having restarted process multiple times.

Really pissed off today. After having been in both beta testing groups I’m an now in a world of hurt on this Monday at work. Very pissed off.