Sync over webdav on ipad suddenly stops working, iphone is OK

Syncing OF to my WebDav server suddenly stopped working. I get an error saying that no server can be found with this hostname. This very strange because:

  1. earlier today syncing worked OK
  2. OF on my iPhone is still syncing with my webdav server
  3. the webdav settings on my iPad and iPhone are exactly the same, and I didn’t change anything on my iPad
  4. I can reach my server via other apps using the same link

I already tried restarting OF and rebooting my iPad but that didn’t help.

I can’t figure out why syncing suddenly stopped. Anyone an idea?

OK, I just found out that PDF Expert also won’t connect to webdav anymore (and PDF Expert is connecting OK on my iPhone). So I think this is not an OF but an iOS/iPad problem.