Sync problems just deleted my last entry!

Omnifocus 2.4 on iPhone 5S 8.1.1 connected to a reliable 4G network.
Omnifocus 2.0.3 (v87.15 r219260) on MBP connected to reliable university ethernet.
In the morning I create a task on my phone, and since it’s very important I also flag it.
Right after creating the task I click the home button to go away from Omnifocus
Two hours later I arrive at university and fire up my MBP to get my task synced.
It doesn’t show up. I sync yet another time on my MBP but do not see it.
I then manualy click sync on my iPhone, and I guess it wasn’t synced in the morning so now it took the data that was synced on the MBP and it deleted the flagged task on my iPhone.

Getting your apps on iPhone, iPad and Mac is damn expensive. Still, right now I just want to get back to Things, at least they have a working sync feature.