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since some time I noticed that the synchronization takes very long (sometimes minutes) (using OmniSync Server). A subsequent synchronization also takes a very long time. I have archived all tasks until 2 months ago.

In this context, I am once again unpleasantly reminded of how little information about the status of an app is available nowadays. The IOS app also seems to take a long time, but I never know when the synchronization is really complete. A small sync icon would be really helpful here.

Has anyone else observed this or have an idea what the problem might be?


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There are a couple of things you might try: first, checking Preference -> Sync -> Show Sync Details for any old devices that you’re no longer using; and second, File -> Rebuild Database.

If neither of those help I would suggest getting in touch with Omni Support via email and I’m sure they’ll happily help you troubleshoot the issue!


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