Sync - Will you be able to change the settings?

Does OF2 currently sync every hour by default? Will this be adjustable in the future?

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OmniFocus 2 syncs within one minute of making an edit, or whenever another synced device on your LAN syncs, or whenever you change networks, or when you quit the app—or, if nothing else, it syncs every hour.

You can tune the “within one minute” and “every hour” durations using the same sync settings as were used in OmniFocus 1, though you might find it more convenient to use the new change-preference URL scheme rather than having to quit the app and use Terminal.

For example, here are URLs which change your maximum sync time from one hour to 10 minutes (600 seconds), then back to the default:


And here are URLs which tell OmniFocus to sync within 15 seconds of an edit rather than one minute, then tell it to switch back:



That’s awesome ! what else can we change by the url schemes? … OF2 is awesome …LOVE LOVE LOVE THE drag n drop re-scheduling .

Awesome! Thanks, Ken. :)

I have compiled a list of Omnifocus settings that can be changed through the URL scheme: Hidden configuration options for Omnifocus 2.


Wasn’t “reorganize the sidebar” already exposed through the ordinary interface?

Yes indeed, you can now simply drag the perspectives in the right order.