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Hi - this is my first time using this forum. Not sure I’m doing it correctly. I have a question about (I think) synching. I added two perspectives (Today and Next Actions) to my OmniFocus on my MacBook Pro. Those same perspectives are not showing up on my iMac Omnifocus. I’ve given it 24 hours and it has not synched. Any advice?
Thank you!

Welcome, Susan!

If you have (the latest version of) OmniFocus Pro on both machines and have synching set up correctly, provided you do not have an uncooperative firewall setting or VPN which may be interfering, it should synch everything almost immediately (seconds; minutes at most).

Which synch service are you using? Many of us find Omni’s own the most reliable.

What do you see when you go to Preferences > Sync > Show Sync Details > Log immediately after you have performed a synch?

Thanks, Mark! I remember you from the Getty! I will check out what you suggested later and see how it works.


I figured it out. On the iMac, I didn’t have the new perspectives “starred”. Thanks for your response!

Hi Susan - I wondered if it was you :-) All well with you and yours?

Do get back in touch if my suggestions don’t do the trick. PM me if you like to exchange email addresses :-)

Good luck!

Is there a way to PM on this site? If so, how?

Susan, if you click on a user’s/poster’s icon or name (top left of a post), there is a rectangular blue button with a white envelope, '‘Message’ :-)

Do not see envelope. Maybe I’m too new of user?

Possibly. I’ve just sent you a message with my email address :-)

Looking forward to hearing your news, Susan - and hopefully getting your synch working!

All perspectives should always be visible from the menu option “perspectives” -> “show perspectives”. That’s always a good way to see if the sync worked.

If you want to display it on iOS/iPadOS you would see all perspectives if you scroll down a bit on the sidebar and tap the “show more” mentioned there, this will then expand to display all the perspectives present.

Thank you! I figured out my issue. The perspectives did synch, but I needed to select “star” to make them appear on the sidebar.

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