Syncing only selected projects and/or perspectives

Hello, Is there a way to, in a given mac device, only to sync a selection of projects and/or perspectives?

For instance, in my office I would like to only have available my work related projects and avoid at all costs anything else that could distract me.


I think the only thing you can do is to go to the Perspectives Editor and “star” certain perspectives so they can show on a certain device. Each device (Mac, iPad, iPhone) can have their own favorite perspective. On my phone, I have my personal perspectives starred. On my work Mac and iPad, I’ll have just work perspectives starred. Each device can have their own starred perspectives show up in the perspective bar.

What about using focus mode to focus on the folder(s) or projects you want to focus on at work and then never turning off the focus?

Thank you very much for the suggestions @wilsonng and @teronel.

That may work; but accessing to out-of-context data would be very easy and thus making the system fragile. See I am trying to build my own “Jung tower” here.

I decided to go with a more radical separation of contexts. I’ll keep a local database —no cloud— for OmniFocus in my work device.

I strictly separate my private life from my job in Omnifocus. I have created many identical perspectives, each is limited to the private and work areas: Due (Home), Due (Office), Today (Home), Today (Office), Do it Today (Home), Do it Today ( Office) … there are also only 2 folders (OFFICE and HOME) on the upper project level. So it never happens that I see tasks from my job at home. The perspectives for my private life are hidden on the MacBook in the office, and those for work at home. The perspectives for private tasks have green icons and my tasks for my job use the omnifocus purple color.
Regarding your link: In my job, I follow Cal Newport’s concept and use the tasks preselected in the “Do it Today” perspective and copy them to iCal using drag and drop. There I assign them to the created calendars “Deep Work” and “Shallow Work” and arrange them in time and adjust them in terms of time. Then I can shut down Omnifocus. No more distraction possible.