Syntax for sending/sharing Tasks in TaskPaper format

Is there some trick to sending TaskPaper formatted text to OF on iOS in such a way that OF parses the fields? I know there are Drafts Actions, etc. for this, but I want a way of sending text from any of several notes apps.

For example, I created a task in the OF Inbox specifically for the purpose of testing. Copying it and pasting it to a text editor results in this:

  • Test Task @parallel(true) @autodone(false) @context(Location : Online) @tags(Location : Online, Forecast) @due(2019-12-12 17:00)
    Note for Test Task

Now, if I send that text using any of half a dozen different apps to OF using the Share Sheet functionality, I get a task with everything but the note in the title. The note itself, ironically, makes it into OF’s note field for the task. Here’s the Copy and Paste that I get from the above task after I’ve sent it to OF:

    • Test Task @parallel(true) @autodone(false) @context(Location : Online) @tags(Location : Online, Forecast) @due(2019-12-12 17:00)
      @parallel(true) @autodone(false)
      Note for Test Task

I’m sure there must be something silly I’ve missed, but I’ve looked at the support pages on the URL scheme, OF’s support of TaskPaper format, RO’s Drafts action, etc. numerous times… (Just for the sake of clarity, and because I had this misunderstanding in an email exchange with OG support: I do not own a Mac - I’m only interested in doing this on iPhone & iPad devices.)



Edit: The bullets in the above copy/paste examples are Markdown-converted hyphens…

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