Synthesizing Divider Lines in Perspectives

Tags are a wonderful addition. But with additional granularity, come additional perspectives. Indeed, they breed like bunnies, overwhelming my poor, poor Perspective menu.

I need to group things visually. I can of course make null perspectives with the title: __________________________ to visually separate groups, but these then appear on my iPad as an appended ladder of stripes adding their own optical noise.

Anyone out there figure a way to keep these hidden in iOS?

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It isn’t currently possible to hide perspectives on iOS. You could re-order the divider lines so that they serve as dividers for Other Perspectives. Or you could move them all to the bottom of the list where they’re relatively unobtrusive. I chose the former.

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Well if the man who gave me the idea hasn’t overcome the problem either, who am I to winge?

Many thanks Tim, and keep up the wonderful videos on YouTube.

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