Tab Functionality in OF

I love the new Tab functionality in OF, however there is one thing which would make it better:

  • Please have OF remember the most recent state when quitting the app so that previously opened tabs reopen on launch.

If you agree, please email OF support to add your voice.

I have three tabs for InBox, Due, Projects and Contexts which I can cycle thru easily by using CMD+`. Would love to not have to setup these tabs each time I relaunch OF

BTW, remapping the CMD+T key (currently assigned to the Font selector) to New Tab using the Keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences makes life easier.

Hmm. Retaining tabs when reopening appears to work for me. I’m on OF 2.8.2 test, if that’s relevant.

Tabs are not saved for me, using 2.8.1 release version.

I’ve just sent a request to OmniGroup.

Maybe it won’t be long if it’s working in the current test build!

For thoroughness: A quick search of the OF Omni Forums reveals these other threads on remembering tabs:

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