Tab order is broken in Sierra

Hey guys,

I just noticed that after upgrading to Sierra the tab order in every view seems to be broken.
Given the case I have multiple items in a view and I tab through the options of one item everything is fine.
If I now want to jump to the next item the focus is in the toolbar and after that in the sidebar. There’s no way to jump to the next items besides using the arrow keys. (which is not nice since you constantly have to move your hands back and forth)
Anyone of you noticed this as well?



This is a known issue and unfortunately is an Apple bug. We’ve gotten many reports of this problem, so it is on our radar, but thank you for checking in with us to make sure we know about it.

The best workaround we have is to use the Up/Down arrow keys to go to the next item each time. We did report this to Apple and we hope that they will fix this with a future update to macOS.



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how do you obtain tabbed views in OF2?

Thanks for the information. I did not find anything in the forums so I created a new thread. Sorry for that. :)

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First you open multiple windows in OmniFocus with ‘File -> New Window’. Then you can go to the ‘Window’ menu and select ‘Merge All Windows’. This will create the tabs for all OmniFocus open windows in one. Some details on tabs in mscOS Sierra in this article: How to Add Tabs to Almost Any App in macOS Sierra What I do is open the windows with the different perspectives I have. Then I merge them and it’s now very easy to switch between the different tabs with my different perspectives.


Thank you this is very helpful.