Tab to Deferred, Tab to Due

Sometimes, after entering a task in a Context perspective, I hit tab once and it takes me to Project, then hit tab again and it takes me to Deferred, but the next tab does not take me to Due. Other items, the second tab takes me to Due and skips Deferred.

In some perspectives, I can tab through both Deferred and Due.

Shouldn’t this be consistent? Or am I missing something here?

Hmm, this should definitely be consistent! You may have found a bug. OmniFocus tries to keep tabs cycling through all available fields in a given perspective, which should include both Deferred and Due in Contexts. Would you mind emailing in if you haven’t done so already?

That happens to me too. For a long time.

Howdy! This occurs while running compact mode. This is usually due to a long project name associated with a given task, or a project name and a due date already populating the due date field. After that, there’s not enough room to display the defer field.

If you need to add a defer date, and have skipped over the defer field, straight into the due field, just use Shift + Tab which will move focus back to the defer field.

I am not using compact mode.