Tag Aliases? Better Tag and Project Creation?


I use OmniFocus a lot and in my workflow I use tags pretty heavily. It’s super important that I be able to create them on the fly—as with projects.

Currently, omnifocus requires you to type the entire root tag exactly in order to create a subtag. In my system, I want certain types of tags to be grouped together so I might have a tag like “Cost | Expense | Purchase | Bill” to capture anything financial. I want to be able to search for any of the key words in that in case I forget what that tag type is actually called. However, this makes tags really hard to create because now any time I wanna create a sub tag I have to type whatever that’s whole thing is, not to mention that on my phone it may be shortened (“…”) due to small screen size. I would like very much if OmniFocus would introduce either an easier creation mechanism for nested tags and projects, or more easily an “aliasing” system that allows me to define other keywords that correspond to one tag.

For instance, the aforementioned tag could have “Expense” as the name, and then have “Cost”, “Bill”, and whatever else I choose as an alias to make it searchable, but easy to create sub tags for. To me this would make tags much easier to create and use.


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