Tag assign items in "Other" Project?

When I create a new input, if I choose a Tags, Omnifocus automatically assign the project “Other” at the item.
Is it possible don’t assign a project if i have an item with Tags ?

It’s not entirely clear to me what’s happening, but it seems like you are talking about creating an action in your inbox, applying a tag to it, and then the action is automatically associated with a project called “Other.” Do I have that right? If so I think the issue is how you have your organizational options configured. On Mac if you go to preferences and select the “Organization” tab, you will find the following screen:

If you have clean up inbox items which have “a tag” (as shown in the screenshot) and you have clean up items completed on this Mac set to “immediately” (as shown in the screenshot), then your action will automatically be associated with the miscellaneous project. You may have renamed your miscellaneous project to Other.

If my theory is right, just change your settings in the clean-up box to “A Project” or one of the other options.

If my theory is wrong, please provide some more information about what is happening.

yes your theory is right.
Thank you very much.
ps: however I’m wonder why is it not possible to clean up inbox items which have a tag without to associate items to project “Miscellanoeus”

Ever since OmniFocus 1.0 was originally released in 2008, Projects have served as the primary structure of your database, which are organized to denote your goals into groups and lists. As such, every item in your database that isn’t in the Inbox must exist in some location in the Projects perspective.

Furthermore, it is not possible to assign an item to “no project” unless it is moved back to the Inbox. That being said, we do not suggest or advocate users to keep items only in the Inbox, as this is intended as a temporary collecting ground for new items on their way into your database, and likely will not suit any sort of long-term storage.

When creating a new action from the Tags perspective, if no project is assigned during the creation process, we will add the item to a default single actions list called “Miscellaneous.” The Miscellaneous project is used (or created, if one doesn’t already exist) when OmniFocus needs to create an item outside of your Inbox, but no other project has been assigned. Here are the ways to prevent OmniFocus from assigning items to the Miscellaneous single-action list:

  • Rename it from “Miscellaneous” to something you choose, and continue letting OmniFocus place items there (you could name it something like “No Project” if you wanted to).

  • Change your Clean Up preference so that items without a project assigned aren’t cleaned up at all (this would however leave them sitting in the Inbox indefinitely). In the Organization Preferences, change the setting “Clean up inbox items which have” to either “A Project” or “Both a Project and a Tag”.

  • Make sure to always assign a project to items in the inbox before a Clean Up occurs.

I will pass your request for this workflow/setting option along to the team for further consideration. In the interim, I’m afraid I’m not able to pass along any suggestions for a workflow that completely circumvents projects, as this isn’t a workflow anyone on our team has ever tried or heard of before, but maybe there are users here who can chime in with their experiences and offer other recommendations.

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