Tag sets and radio buttons

It’s very laborious to have to select new tag, delete old tag to change a tag when tags are essentially in a group (like priority 1,2,3). It would be nice to be able to group tags and then select the new one, automatically replacing the current tag.

Send a feature request email to omnifocus@omnigroup.com to get your vote counted. I’ve seen this feature request previously and added my vote as well.

I’ve also contacted Omni with this feature request…and agree it would be a great addition!

I mostly use iOS/Web, but I heard that on MacOS you can do something like press the CMD key when dragging between tags and it removes the old and adds the new.

Not as elegant as your suggestion but it might help.

On the Mac, holding down ⌘ and dragging a task to a tag in the sidebar will replace any existing tags with the sidebar tag.

For example, if I had an action called “Vacuum the condo” that’s tagged with “Today” and I ⌘+drag it to the “Tomorrow” tag in the sidebar, the “Today” tag would be removed and the “Tomorrow” tag would be added.

While this may be helpful in some cases, it falls short when you have a task with multiple tags. For example, if “Vacuum the condo” were tagged with “Today” and “Home” and I ⌘ drag it to “Tomorrow”, OmniFocus would add a “Today” tag and remove both the “Today” and “Home” tags. This isn’t desirable as “Home” is still a relevant tag.

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I don’t see how that would work. Do you mean open the Tags perspective, select “Today”, select a task and then drag it to the “Tomorrow” tag? I just tried that and it added “Tomorrow” without removing “Today”.

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