Tag Sidebar in OF 3

In OF 2, a context based perspective placed all of the available contexts in the sidebar. In OF 3, in a tag based perspective, it only lists the tags used in the perspective in the sidebar.

Is there a way to list all of the tags in the sidebar for a tag based perspective in OF 3?

These currently is no way to do so. I’d like this as well. I’ve sent an email to omnigroup requesting this. I recommend you do the same.

In what situation is having all tags displayed in the sidebar useful?

In OF2 you would have a perspective return a set of actions which use only, say, 3 tags, but 50 tags from the database displayed in the sidebar, which made it almost useless for navigating the results of the perspective.

It makes it possible drag and drop an action onto a tag to assign the tag. Currently you cannot do that if the tag isn’t displayed.


Just my workaround,

Making a special task attached all tags and including it in perspectives.

You can assign tags by drag-and-drop of actions to the built-in Tags view (ie. outside your perspective tab/window).

Select the actions in your perspective, drag them over to the Tags quick navigation tab in the sidebar. The Tags view will get the focus and you can drop the actions onto the tag hierarchy.
Alternatively, keep the Tags view open in a separate OF tab/window and drag to that.

Maybe, It is also problem that the built-in Tags view doesn’t have Inbox.

But I think it’s nice idea to use two separate OF windows as you mentioned.

It looks work for me.
However it would be ideal for me that both Tags sidebar and Projects sidebar would be displayed in a single OF window.

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I didn’t know that you could drag and drop on the tags icon. That’s pretty nice.

My workaround of choice was to create a tag based perspective with all available actions. It’s not perfect, because if a tag doesn’t have a task, the tag still doesn’t show up in the sidebar. I much prefer to work out of this perspective than the stock tags perspective, as I like to be able to sort all tag groupings with the flagged items on top.

I’m tempted to stay with OF 3 on iOS and switch back to OF 2 on my Mac, but I’m not quite ready to do so.


If you would have time and take interest, please try below steps.

  1. Create special project named like “Items to expose tags”.
  2. Create special action including every tags you want to show sidebar, in special project.
  3. Modify your perspective setting like below
  • [Any] of the following are true
    • [All] of the following are true
      • (Current your perspective filter)
    • [All] of the following are true
      • Contained within project or folder : Items to expose tags <- the special project
      • Tagged with any of : (some one included tags in the special action) <- You can choose exposed tags if you have several special actions.

I hope this helps you.
(Apologize if some of filter words are wrong, I use Japanese IF and cannot see in English. By the way, I want to know how to change IF language.)

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