Tag view ignoring Focus [fixed in 3.6.1]

When I Focus on a few projects or folders, I typically can go into the Tags view and typically see actions within the Focus projects / folders and not the zillions of actions I have for a particular Tag.

Just this morning, the Tag view stopped “adhering” to the Focus I was in. Well, it would, then when I create a new tab with a different Focus, all my actions for a particular tag would show up in the original (much more) Focus tab.

I have a feeling 3.6.1 might fix this (the release notes mention an issue with Focus and the Tags view). There are test builds available.

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As @deaghan mentions, this should be fixed in OmniFocus 3.6.1, which we released the final version of within the last hour. Please let us know if you continue to have problems!

I just installed the update (was pushed via the Check for Update option) and it appears to remedy the problem. Thanks!!!

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