Tagged Projects don't show in Tags view

I’ve given some Projects a tag or two. The Tag shows up in the Tags Perspective. If I select it, I see in the main window the Tag and beneath it “2 items”. But the items do not show up.

I’ve gone into Preferences/Organization and unchecked “In Tags and Flagged - Exclude project and groups.”

Nothing changed.

How do I get these Projects to show up when I click on its Tag in theTags Perspective?

Are your View Options set to “Available”? If so, try “Remaining”. Projects aren’t considered available if they contain unchecked off tasks.

If I set View Options to Available, and then click on the Tag, it says “No available”. If I set View Options to Remaining, and then click on the Tag, it says “No remaining”. If I set View Options to All, it says “2 items”.

Tags assigned to Tasks work fine. It’s just the few Tags assigned to Projects that are misbehaving. Again, they show up as Tags in the Tags Perspective, but who clicked on, do not reveal the Projects to which they’re assigned.

Are those Projects Single Action Lists? Per my test, such projects do not show up. I guess it is because the actions in such a project are single actions in their own right, so the project does not have a single task state (completed in sequence or parallel from its tasks) in its own right.

Confusing yes.


Yes, they are Single Action Lists. Thanks!

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