Tags Added to Tasks Not Syncing Across iOS Devices

I have a curious issue where tags are syncing across my devices, but if I add a tag to a task (say my Today tag) to something on my iPhone, it doesn’t sync over to my iPad.

Is anyone else noticing this? I’ve restarted both apps.

Are you seeing this because the task isn’t showing up in Forecast on both devices? Because the Forecast Tag is device-specific, so if you haven’t set up your Forecast Tag on your iPad as well, that would explain the discrepancy.


I first noticed the issue in Forecast, despite both being set to display my Today tag. Then I decided to investigate further, and sure enough, adding the tag to an item on one device wasn’t carrying over at all, even if I checked directly in Tags. The weird thing is that the tags and items themselves sync between devices just fine. Applying the tags is what’s not syncing.

That’s bizarre!

Just to rule it out, are you using the latest 3.0.2 TF or App Store version that was released later in the day yesterday? If so and still happening, best to report to Omni directly for help.

Hope this gets worked out!


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