Tags and Projects on iOS like in Mac

I am sure that there is a great reason to show the tags and the projects trees on OmniFocus for iOS on the current way but after move to OmniFocus 3 in Mac too I felt in love with the view of the projects and the tags trees and I think is much more visual than the way appears now on iOS. I mean showing in the main screen the nested projects or tags.

Maybe this does not have sense or other people commented already. I can’t find it. I am a very basic user even I have OmniFocus several years ago, so any comment is welcome.

Having the tags show up on a small mobile device can often clutter the screen. The Omni developers really need to pay attention about the platform they are developing on. They have made several UI design choices that do not maximise space within a small screen and make using OF on the iOS more difficult than it needs be.

When using a mobile, you need to be able to focus in on exactly the information you require. Having the tags show on every single action immediately reduces the number of actions you can have on screen at the same time, and can also clutter the screen.

Again on iOS you have no way of collapsing / hiding actions in a group, so you will never be able to get a full overview of the main group headings - only one at a time. Bad use of screen real estate. And also this is available on the Mac OS, so why is it not constant across platforms.

Yes, you are right.
thinking in my small collection of tags and projects and using mainly on an iPad, but for users with dozens of projects and even more tags, the MacOS view will be a pain on iOS.

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