Tags (Combined) prevents Dragging to manually order tasks within Tag

Using Omnifocus 3.3.2 for Mac, I ran into a problem with a custom perspective where similar tasks either did not sort together as I would like, or did not appear at all. The tasks were coming from Inbox (no project, no tags), a project outline (project specified, but no tags OR both specified), etc. If I changed the Group By to Tags (Combined), this problem was solved, which made sense once I discovered it. However, I quickly discovered that when Group By is set to Tags (Combined) I could no long do manually reordering of tasks within a Tag by dragging, using the keyboard to move a task up or down, etc. When I tried dragging, the display showed the task content moving around, but did not show the moving graphic indicating where the task would be moved to. When I dropped, the task jumped back to its original position.

Can you suggest any way to get this to work?

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You can’t reorder tasks in this type of perspective (sorted by Tags (Combined)) because the result would be ambiguous.

In the underlying tasks, they can be reordered inside part of a project or a single tag. A perspective allows task reordering when one of those things is displayed.

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