Tags in the sidebar

To assign a tag to a task, I find it more intuitive and pleasing to drag/drop the task over a tag listed in the Sidebar.
Option 1: use the Tags perspective. Problem: can’t show tasks in the projects hierarchy, loss of context.
Option 2: create a custom perspective. Problem: tags that have no associated tasks are not visible in the sidebar.
Am I missing a way to see the project hierarchy in the main pane and all the tags in the Sidbar?

On macOS or iPadOS you can open two windows, and have a tags view in one, and whatever other view you want to use in the other, and drag from one window to the next to add a tag. It’s not necessarily a good solution, but it definitely works for me when I need to do this sort of thing!


Ha! Nice idea. Thanks!

You can also drag the tasks on top of the Tags perspective icon on the left side, wait for the window to switch to it, and then drop the tasks on a tag in the sidebar.

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Less obtrusively, perhaps, can you do this with Slide Over?

Thanks. I used the two windows but this is better! That’s the same I do with the Finder all the time.

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There’s a shortcut somewhere slide over app picker which you can set up to present a menu on your Home Screen

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