Tags removed when duplicating tasks in Forecast view [Bug: has been filed.]

When I duplicate a task (⌘-D) the task’s tag are removed from the duplicate. Is there any way to change that behavior?

OmniFocus Pro 3.3.2 (v123.20 r329826)

The intended behavior is for duplicating actions to include the tags, and on my 10.14.5 Mac, I get those results in both Project and Tag view. I tried duplicating single- and multi-tagged items in those views and got the expected results.

Aha - duplicating a multi-tagged item in Forecast view kept the forecast tag, but removed the others. I’ll get that written up as a bug, and if there are any other details about what you saw that might be relevant, let me know and I’ll add them to the report.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for reporting this!

I encounter the issue in Forecast view, yes. For me duplicating tasks deletes all tags regardless of if there’s one tag or multiple. OS X 10.14.5.

Thanks! I’ll add this info to the bug in question.

In case it helps, the Today shows items with this tag section of this page describes the Forecast tag feature. If that field is blank, that’s probably why you’re getting those results.

Facing kind of same issue, did you got any update yet?

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The bug is still on file, but we haven’t had a chance to investigate it yet. I’ll make sure the rest of the team knows you want that to happen.

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