Tags vs Projects

I’ve historically had projects named Next, Someday, and Repeating. With the new tags, it seems like I should have tag for Repeating instead of a project, and since you can have multiple tags I could also have an appropriate tag for the task, like Finances. If I do that there is no need to assign it to a project. That got me thinking that unless I have a task that is part of a particularly project, what’s the point of having a Next, Someday or Repeating project, I could just use tags instead? When I create a task I only put it in a project if it is a true project. If I do that, then everything that is not in a project ends up in my InBox, which doesn’t make sense. I guess with multiple tags. I not longer understand the need to have a Next, Someday, and Repeating projects since they really aren’t projects.

I have a similar dilemma. I have a few ‘real’ projects but in the main, most of my OF ‘projects’ are actually single action lists and the project they are attached to is really an area of focus. I don’t think I am using OF wisely!

Now that we have tags I am trying to work out if and how I should reconfigure my system.

Same here. I am thinking of dropping traditional file folders and using tags instead.

Well I think this speaks to a broader point, namely that most people don’t have as many “real” projects as repeating tasks (which is why I’ve come to regard the “pure” GTD system as nearly useless for most use cases). The way I’ve come to use OmniFocus is mostly as a fancy reminder system for small projects whose steps are catalogued in checklists elsewhere.

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