Takes 2 minutes to launch

Hi, I have a problem with OF 2 PRO on my MacBook Air. Startup takes too long. about 2 minutes. The display will show “Opening Omnifocus document” and waiting and waiting :-( reinstalling did not help. Please help, thank you

My quick suggestions would be:

  1. Run an archive (File > Move Old Data to Archive…) in case you have a large amount of “old” stuff that is bogging things down
  2. Rebuild your database (File > Rebuild Database…) — great thing to try if you have database problems.

Hope they help

Could you please take a sample while the app is struggling to launch and email OmniFocus@omnigroup.com?

Here’s instructions, if you’re not familiar with the process:

That’s definitely far too long: OmniFocus 2 should only take a few seconds to launch, so something is definitely going wrong.

Have you seen the thread about SIMBL plug-ins causing a hang for a minute or two when OmniFocus is trying to open its database?

I was having the same issue, and I solved it on my system.

I noticed the process called “powerboxinjector” (which you’ve also mentioned) was also stalling during the long load times. I killed the task (Force Quit), quit OmniFocus, then launched OF again. This time, OF loaded fine.

So, I zipped up powerboxinjector.app and deleted the application from my Applications folder. (I zipped it in case I wanted to put it back).

Now, OmniFocus loads normally so I’m not putting powerboxinjector back.

From what I can gather, Powerboxinjector is used by some programs to enable color icons in Finder’s sidebar (“Mountain Lion Tweaks” is one such program, as is SideEffects, ColorfulSidebar, etc.).

From my testing so far, the colorful icons in Finder are all you lose by getting rid of powerboxinjector. By the way, the other issues (SIMBL Agent, pboxd, etc.) all seem to be caused by powerboxinjector - I didn’t have to do anything but get rid of Applications/Powerboxinjector.app

Let me know if the same thing happens for you. BTW, I’m running Mavericks and this wasn’t a problem with OF 1, but I suspect it is related to the new (and much better IMHO) visual styling of OF 2.