Taks Showing as Not Available. Don't Understand Why

I am totally confused. I have created a project:

Project A

  • Due 1/12/16
  • Type: Parallel

Under that project I have two tasks:

  • Task 1, Due Tomorrow, No Defer
  • Task 2, Due 12/9/15, No Defer

Soon for me is set to 1 week in preferences.

Task 1 shows as available, but Task 2 only shows as remaining. If I select available only, it is hidden, thoughI do get the “due soon” flag for it (1 available, 2 due soon).

What am I missing? As far as I can see, there is nothing that should be blocking Task 2 from being available. Any ideas welcome.


Never mind, I just realized that for some reason I had my context on hold which was causing the issue. All is well in the lands of Whoville and OmniFocus.