Tap to cyclic switch for view option sets, in all the device versions

when i am on OmniFocus, the most frequent tap events are occurring on this, for both Mac version iPhone + iPad version ( I am using all ).
when we are planning we will use remaining / all view. when we are on execution mode, we are sure to use the available / first available view. the “view” is mapped to thiks plan/execute mode switch, i think. I think the reason why Omni has sequencial/paralell switch and view mode switch combinations is to use this plan and do mode contexts swich.
but this view switching takes 2-3 ( or 4 ) taps / drug / GUI operations. in mac, at least command+shift+v -> mouse moved to the views selection -> click. in ios, scroll down to show the header -> tap view -> change.

so i suggest “tap -> change to the next view” thing. because “available -> remaining” order is very naturally associated to our beahvir, it is esy to tap two times on the same place to swtich the 3rd option, or 3 times for 4th option.

and for detailed options choise, long hold / force tap.

for ios header for task list view, pull to refresh ( sync ) should also be implemented. then you maybe can clean and remove and simplify the header part. scroll down to show the header is no longer needed and can omit one important step for users if header items decreased.