Task availability certain days of the week

I have a repeating @phone task I can’t make on Sundays or Mondays because the business is closed. Has anyone come up with a good trick to make a task or context only available certain days of the week?

Is there a reason you can’t set the date criteria up on the task side rather than the context side?

I can definitely set it on the task side! Shouldn’t have even mentioned the specific context, sorry. I just can’t figure out how to do it.

If I was doing this task weekly I would defer it until Tuesday and make it due Saturday, but it’s more of an every 4-8 weeks type thing that can be done any time in that range.

Select an item and, in the Repeat section of your item (in the right column), you can choose the frequency this item should repeat, and also what days of the week it should repeat on. What happens if you try to select Friday or Monday there?

I suppose that would work if I was committed to daily checking off a “call or try again tomorrow” task set to repeat weekly with Tuesday through Saturday checked, but the overhead is less than ideal. I would rather have a single task that may or may not show up in my available perspectives.

I suspect this is something only scripting can solve. A script could run periodically and make the context status Available or On Hold depending on the date and time, or just update the project directly.