Task does not start until all resources are available

Simple thing, should really work. I have two resources, three tasks. I allocate both resources to one task, and then they get another task each. They should complete their own task first, then start with the task they both are assigned to. They will complete their own task at different times, i.e. one task is completed before the other.

The problem is, when using the Level Resources feature, the last task is not started on until both resources are done with their own tasks. All tasks are marked as “Resources work independently”. Naturally, a resource that become available should start with the last task immediately, and then the other resource will join when done with his task.

What am I doing wrong?? (OmniPlan 3.4.1 (v185.4 r262578))

As there were no reply here, I reached out to support. It turns out this does not work - it’s a bug.

This is a serious bug. You cannot trust the start/end dates calculated for tasks if you have more than one resource allocated to that task, and uses automatically level resources feature. I have to break the task up in sub tasks and allocate only one resource to each sub task.

Really hope this serious issue with auto level resources will get fixed quick.

@peterb Thanks for reaching out to Support - I’m glad that they were able to look into this with you! Hopefully this scheduling behavior is something that we can address in a forthcoming OmniPlan update.

While we try our best to reply to questions as they’re asked in these forums, we do occasionally miss threads. Contacting our Support team directly (by phone or email), is the best way to make sure you receive timely support!

Hi, it’s been 3.5 years. Has this been fixed yet?

+1 Stumbled upon this issue and looking for a fix. Any other alternatives other than breaking the task?