Task effort per resource

In resource view I want to see the planned effort for an individual resource, for each task assigned to that resource.

If I go to the menu item View / View Options and select “effort” to show after each task bar, what is displayed is the total effort alloctaed to that task (summing all resources), rather than the effort allocated from the particular resource selected in the left hand column. The effort value displayed is therefore the same for all resources working on the task, irrespective of their planned input.

Looking at any one resource, is there a way to display the actual planned effort per task?

@the3rdParty I couldn’t think of a way to do this in Resource View, but you could display this value in Resource Report if you’re running the pro version of OmniPlan! In order do so, you’ll need to add the {@Effort@} token to one of the default resource report templates.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the default “Bright” template with effort added to the Resource Report here, if you’d like to download it:

To install this template, open the “HTML” pane of OmniPlan’s Preferences and drag the template folder in.

Hope this helps!