Task with elapsed=effort, postpone if not possible and resources availability weekend weekdays

After few days trying to modelize my project with Omniplan I’m asking help.

I have to upgrade servers.
A team for the job.
Some servers can be upgrade in week days
Some servers can be upgrade in weekend

I created one task by server.
A resource group for the team
A resource in the group for each member of the team
A resource Equipment “WD” for week days
A resource Equipment “WE” for week ends

In the schedule I setup for WD : Green from Monday to Friday and red Saturday and Sunday
In the schedule I setup for WE : red from Monday to Friday and green for Saturday and Sunday

I assigned all tasks to Team
I assigned all tasks week end to WE
I assigned all tasks week days to WD

All tasks needs all resources availability

And level the project without split because tasks are with fixed efforts and elapsed

Here I’ve got 2 problems I can’t resolve :

1- Some tasks starts end of wee-end, elapsed for one week to end early next week end.
How can say to Omniplan to postpone a task to the next period if the task can’t end in one one shot?

2- It seems I have to setup exception/dayoff for each week. I can’t specify WE is available in Sat/Sun and WD is available Mon-Friday forever.

I tried adjust effort or elapsed for taks

It’s a bottle in the sea :-)
If you’ve got ideas.

Thanks you

It is not currently possible to tell OmniPlan that a task requires a continuous block of time to complete, sorry! We have an open feature request for this scheduling option that I’ll attach your post to.

It sounds like you’re creating customized resource schedules by adding scheduling exceptions to the Extra & Off Hours calendar for each resource. If the schedule is always the same for these “resources” you can instead just customize the normal schedule for the resource (which is something you’ll only need to do once per resource, instead of customizing the schedule per week). More information about setting this up is covered in this section of the OmniPlan manual: https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/omniplan/mac/3.10.3/en/working-in-calendar-view/#working-in-calendar-view

I hope this information is helpful!

@ains Thank you to explained why I can’t get continuous block !
For the second point I’ll try soon.

Is there a page/site/whatever where we can see the ongoing features requests or knowns bug ?

Thank you again

The database we use to track feature requests is not publicly accessible, sorry! This Support article explains a bit about how we handle requests, if you’re interested in learning more about our process: https://support.omnigroup.com/what-happens-to-my-feature-request/