.taskpaper files greyed out when using import plug-ins

Apologies if this is not the right place for this kind of post. I’m not sure whether plug-in issues fall under tech support.

I have successfully used several of the TaskPaper import plug-ins. But starting a couple of weeks ago, they all stopped working with the same behaviour: I can’t select any .taskpaper files from the picker window. The TaskPaper files are all greyed out. I’ve tried re-creating a file, no luck. Tried putting them in a different folder: nope.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

(macOS 11.2.3; OF Pro 3.11.6 v149.12.0)

Changing the FileType to a more general one seems to work, here.


new FileType("com.taskpaper.text")


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That works a treat. Thanks!

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