Tasks from URL Scheme

Is it possible to, when creating a new task, set the context and/or project for that task? What about due dates or flag state?

Sorry, I couldn’t find full documentation on supported params.



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I would also love this. If it doesn’t exist, lets email it as a feature request.

I’m sorry, but at the moment, the only things you can set using the omnifocus:///add URLs are the new task’s name and note. (You pass both as query parameters to the URL, with the keys name and note, respectively.)

@BrianC has the right idea – drop us an email and we’ll be sure to add your votes for this feature!

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Done. Thanks, @tekl !

I just wrote this to OmniGroup and got really excited about the potential so I’m pasting my ideas here.

Let me elaborate, mostly to daydream about how amazing that could be…

When Amazon announced their Dash button (put a physical “order paper towels” button in the place where the paper towels are) a lot of people laughed or hated it — but think of the lack of friction to make sure repetitive things are handled the same, easily.

Basically that’s what I want: The ability to add something not just to the inbox of OF, but nestled deep into a project, with the appropriate context easily using a shortcut using Launcher or Workflow IFTTT or SOMETHING.

Case in point: I use Reminders for groceries, because I can say “Siri Add bananas to my Whole Foods list” and “Siri add toothpaste to my CVS list”. Sure, I can add it to my OF Reminders list and it will go into the OF inbox but I KNOW where it needs to go.

Basically, what I’ve realized from typing this out is that not all projects and contexts are the same, some are always back there, collecting info and being relevant and being able to surface those separately would make for an extremely flexible and powerful system!

A home screen/Notification center dropdown button to add a quick gift Idea to the girlfriend’s potential presents list would be fantastic (I usually have to type these quick when she’s not looking and sometimes they just end up as confusing fragments in the inbox, having them in the right list would make them make a lot more sense)

Or I’ll use a (let’s just say) Launcher shortcut to ask me what I need from the grocery store. (Maybe I’ll even be able to give it a comma separated list and it will loop on that exploded list to add all of them to a single context.)

This would be a massive, massive change in how much integration I can do with OmniFocus on iOS and really let me streamline it in wonderful ways.