Tasks get duplicated


I am not sure if this is an iOS or OS X problem, but I regularly have tasks getting duplicated for me for no good reason. If I just check the duplicated task off it will re-appear the next time it is due (these are all tasks that repeat either daily / weekly / monthly). If I delete the duplicate it disappears, but then re-appears a few days later (sometimes).

Has anybody here encountered this? Or is this a new bug?

It might possibly be caused by making changes on one device before it has updated through omnisync to all devices. I occasionally have this issue as well. Try to make sure once you have changed any data to ensure it has uploaded those changes before altering data on any other device.

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I keep an eye on this. I think it seems to happen with tasks that I check off as done on the overview panel on my iPhone (without logging in). I noticed it doesn’t seem to be syncing that back in a timely fashion.

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Hi, I to have this problem, just this morning I checked off a repeating item using the widget on my iPhone and now my Mac has two task, one correct and one incorrect. The incorrect task does not think I’ve completed this mornings occurrence of the repeat.

Was a resolution ever identified?

I have been a user for several months, and just started having this problem in the last couple of weeks.