Tasks not at Due Date turned Red


Forgive the newbie question - getting to grips with Omnifocus 2.

I have been using software fine but noticed that several tasks not at their due date have turned red and get added up in the ‘overdue’ tally. i have changed the due date by moving it forward as not sure there was another way?

Thanks very much if anyone can help.

Hey @mrsstoves, This most likely happened because the items in question were part of a project or action group that had a due date in the past set.

When sorting items into those buckets, OmniFocus looks at the item and any parent rows, then uses the earliest date it can find on any of them. The assumption is that for a project or action group to be due today, all the items it contains must then be complete, as well.

When the OmniFocus encounters an ambiguous case - a project due now with actions due in the future, we resolve the ambiguity in favor of the earliest date. Less harm is done if we show you something too soon - you can just adjust the settings in the app and move on. If we resolved in favor of the later date, you might end up paying late fees or suffering other ill effects.


That is fabulous - thank you!

Had inadvertently set a project date :-)